by Cøllege

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Eli A beautiful blend of math and indie with a sprinkle of emotion. Not too complex, not too simple, and completely refreshing. Favorite track: 10:15.
Hudson Jefferies
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Hudson Jefferies Beautiful melodies and poignant lyricism. Favorite track: 10:15.
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released March 1, 2013

Thanks to: Ian down at Emeline Studios for mixing, Better Weather for being ultimate dudes and always bringing the sunshine (and pizza), the boys down at Wolf Town DIY for releasing and hand making this beauty of a physical release, Jake and his doughnut for driving us to shows, and everyone else that digs our music.



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Cøllege Canterbury, UK

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Track Name: 10:15
Is this really the whole world?
Too much has happened, there's too much to happen,
And it's hard to reflect on.
It won't change if you're more alive,
I feel distant,
I feel like a stranger to you.
What am I in the whole world?
Don't even believe myself.
Still trapped in the haze of a later date,
Does anybody know this weight?
Cos it'll change tomorrow.
Track Name: Tuesday
Find me!

I'll sleep!

I dreamt of you last night,
The reflection of your sad eyes in mine,
With you,
We'd smoke in the days and sulk when the moon came,
Lose our minds trying to find out why we're here and what we do.

Blonde hair, shoulder height:
Let's do nothing all day cos we're fucking right,
You live so close to me and your body is so close to mine,
You hear that fucking whine?
It's me, why can't I see you all the time?
It's only when I close my eyes,
Or when I write down these fucking lies.
Track Name: Henry
I well dislike the rules of life,
But they're always there and I can't forget cos I always fucking sigh.
Everything's a means to an end,
So everything is a means to nothingness.

(I always write about sadness,
It works as catharsis,
A sense of achievement lifts me,
For a day or so.
I feel light,
For a day or so)

I don't want to think,
I don't want to have to contemplate this mess.
It's never out my head,
So I'll block it in, these earphones work that way.
Track Name: 1st or 2nd? Or Uni...
You know I well can't wait for this to end,
Draining me I'm empty every week,
You know my vacant, I let it get taken so only my body would suffer,
It's hard to endure, priorities pure, is this a necessary cure?
Track Name: Coffee Deal
(I can't stand this,
I'm alone,
Completely out of sync with the universe.
But standing alone like this doesn't make me free,
I'm trapped.
Even in my mind I feel restricted and frightened of the inevitable truth that will haunt me for the rest of my life.
It's the forever dissatisfaction that brutally punishes my sense of achievement and leaves me feeling like I have no worth.
I want to scream until the vibrations of my vocal chords finally spur on an impact that sparks a flame that says,
'I'm alive')

I'll twist my head and tweak my mind.
Your touch could calm me down and make me feel I don't need anything but you.
Is that really okay?
To shift a weight that harms me?
Might also leave me,
To only exist,
Content with me and you alone together.

I'm a life,
With something missing that got lost in time.

I'm a life,
Stuck in the same dead end tonight.